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Tree Trimming and Pruning

The importance of trees in an environment can never be overemphasized as they contribute in a variety of ways. These environmental benefits include the provision of oxygen, preservation of soil, supporting wildlife, improving air quality, and conserving water. Hence, the need for timely pruning in order to keep enjoying these benefits.

In case you don’t know the right time to prune your tree, let’s see a few important signals that tell you it’s pruning time. When your tree does not have proper attention, branches begin to cross. Touching and rubbing against each other will begin to damage their bark, exposing the inner part of the branch. This will make the branch to start decaying and gradually spread to the rest of the tree if immediate attention is not given.

Having two or more cracks in the bark of your tree is a symbol that your tree is sick or dying. When the cracks in a tree become deep, it’s a warning that such tree needs urgent attention. Disregarding this signal will cause rot to spread and in the end, your only option will be to remove the tree completely. When the branch of a broken or limp tree exposes the inside of the tree, it’s a clear sign that injury has happened to the tree. Most times, this type of destruction is caused by intense wind or snow. It can be harmful if immediate attention is not giving to it. It’s ideal to check your trees after a wind or storm and then, prune them immediately. This is another pruning sign similar to broken branches. It can be hazardous to have a large section of deadwood because it implies your tree is dying. In the absence of pruning, the tree starts to decay and will eventually be removed.

Wild branches that have grown taller than your house or tangle around telephone wires can cause serious damage to your property. Apart from the possibility of losing the electrical power of your home, these branches can also cause expensive damage to your sliding and roof. This occurs when a spot at the bark of your tree sunken in or get missing completely. Often, tree cankers may be a sign of decay or disease and will lead to total rotting if not pruned.

The benefits of tree pruning

Excessive greenery is an obvious signal that your tree needs pruning. When a tree becomes so thick that you can’t see through it, then consider trimming it back – a good rule to follow. Density becomes dangerous as the branches are exposed to wind, and can cause damage. Normally, trees grow vertically upward in the direction of the sun. Nevertheless, trees planted in a yard often have enough space and a few trees to compete with. Therefore, they grow outward instead of upward which leads to heavy branches that may collapse under their own weight. Timely pruning will help reduce their weight and make them less hazardous.

Trees that are not pruned regularly don’t usually grow in a way that befits their structure. The weight of a misshaped tree is not distributed proportionately and can lead to crack and property damage. This is one of the major branches at the tree stem. Leader branches can be one or several branches, depending on the type of tree. When a tree has many leader branches, they fight for dominance. Timely and proper pruning to select a dominant leader branch will aid your tree’s health and make it more viable.

Top Reasons to Prune your trees

– Maintains the health of the tree

– Help to shape young trees

– Reduces the chance of an accident occurring

– Prevent costly removal of rotting trees

– Allows adequate sunlight on adjacent plant

– Improves the appearance of a tree

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